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PortScanner Crack+ With Serial Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

**PortScanner Full Crack is a small and simple piece of software designed to scan an IP address and list the open ports in a simple and easy to read format. The simple gui and small footprint make it a perfect companion to a Windows PC without slowing down the system. The package is about 10 kB in size and comes with a simple.exe installer that is easy to install and use. If you have any feedback, questions or comments please email me at haddockx@hotmail.com.**

**Why not use the built-in Windows program? 
The built-in Windows program is fairly decent, but it misses some key features. For example it only scans the local subnet. In addition to this it requires administrative access on the machine you wish to scan.**

**Why use it? 
PortScanner Activation Code offers the following: 

* Scan the entire network of any machine

* Fully customizable report

* Scan all non-proxied ports

* Can scan local subnets and all ports directly.

PortScanner Product Key Features:


**Updated 03-05-2009 to include support for Windows XP.**


**Updated 27-03-2009 to include support for Windows XP.**


**Updated 11-02-2009 to include support for Windows XP.**


**Updated 08-02-2009 to include support for Windows XP.**


**Current Version: **

**Previous Versions: 0.5.0 0.4.0 0.3.0 0.2.0 0.1.1**

**NOTE:  All previous versions available at: 

**Download from: 

***NOTE:  PortScanner is distributed with a copyright notice. When downloading from its original website please replace the.zip file downloaded with the.zip file hosted on

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PortScanner With Product Key Free

PortScanner has also been used to scan for open port by other persons to help users fix problems with their game servers.
You can use this software to scan for ports open on your network, and open ports on any IP address. It does not need a server or program running.
Let’s view the latest features with examples of how it works:

Q: How does it work?

When you run the PortScanner, it will automatically scan your network to find open ports. You can open a port that you are good with it.

Q: How to use?

Q1: How to open ports?

Open those ports you wanted to open.

Q: What is the Main interface?

PortScanner has a main interface for monitoring a network. You can use this interface to open ports you want to monitor.

Q: How do I use this app?

It is a lightweight program that can be used on any Windows Operating System. Also, it is a standalone program that does not require any other software or program running on your machine. You just need to open a port you wanted to monitor, click the “Start” button and run PortScanner.

Q: How to open a port?

You can use the interface to open a port you want to monitor. Simply click on the IP address you want to monitor, click the button “Monitor”.

Q: What is the scan options?

When you open the port that you want to monitor, the scan options will popup. There are two scan modes available: Active and Passive mode.

Q: What is the scan result?

You can view the results of the scan in two ways: Scan log and PortScanner live scan.

Scan log:

You can view the results from scan log.

PortScanner live scan:

You can view the results of the live scan, which shows the state of the port you want to monitor.

Q: What is the scan log?

PortScanner will save the scan logs for the ports you monitor.

Q: What is the scan log?

When you open the port you want to monitor, you can choose to view the results from the

What’s New in the PortScanner?

scan an IP address and port for open ports and services
ports are found in a “.txt” format
operating system agnostic
open source and portable
works cross-platform

For those interested in downloading the source code from GitHub,
here is a link to the Download page with file size and SHA256 hash


PortScanner is not listed in your other question, so here is an alternative:
You can also use my one-line cli tool – netcat.
It supports all of netcat’s protocols, and is therefore also OS-agnostic.
If you only want to check which ports are open (open means “active and available” for you, so that’s checkable even if you don’t have a web browser running on your machine), then you can use this quick command (UNIX shell):
$ nc -zv -w 1 -v 8088

To do a scan against the whole IPv4 network:
$ nc -zv -w 1 -v

If you want to scan a single port, just use nc -w 1 -v :
If you want to know more about using netcat, see this answer.

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